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Monday Meditation With The Quantum Questions

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Free meditation on Mondays 8.30 pm - 9 pm (UK time).

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Is this group right for you?

Are you looking to start a meditation practice for the first time?
Are you returning to meditation after a break in your practice?
Do you wish to supplement or deepen your current practice?
Do you appreciate the power of meditating within a group?


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What is Monday Meditation?

This is a weekly group meditation session provided by The Quantum Questions for your ongoing change and transformation.

A great place to start your journey of overcoming mental noise, inner agitation, and irritation

The next step to get beyond automated emotions like sadness, anger, fear & guilt, which seem to constantly repeat in our lives.

In this weekly workshop, you will...

Begin practically exploring the 8 steps to enlightenment.

Start understanding how to access a heart-based reality.

Sow the seeds of inner balance.

Recognise this alternative paradigm is a viable option.

This meditation community becomes more powerful each week as it grows with new members!

How do you join?

This group is suitable for all levels and anyone is welcome to join.

You will need to set up a free Zoom account if you don't already have one. We will send you the Zoom link to join once you've registered. Joining these sessions is totally FREE

Next, simply use the link we emailed to you to join the zoom meeting at 8.30 pm (UK time) on a Monday evening. 

Once registered, make sure that you watch the Free Introduction To Meditation for a short overview of the essential elements of meditation before the live session. 

We will then enjoy the benefits of silently practicing together as a group for 20 minutes.

You can return every week to supplement or deepen your existing practice.

What if you wish to progress further?

For Aspirants wishing to deepen their meditation practice, we will be inviting you to join our new 3-year meditation course starting soon.

More details to follow soon. 

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Meet Your Meditation Teacher...

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Greg Garrett

Co-founder of The Quantum Questions, transformational coach and NLP trainer. 

"My mind was agitated, my relationships were toxic, my body was shattered and my spirit almost extinguished, I knew I could not continue like this."

After years of studying personal development with different spiritual teachers, which only perpetuated life on the financial treadmill to pay for staff, mortgages, school fees, holidays, fancy cars and their courses I was worn out.

I was constantly seeking external motivation, a new earthly spark, more adventurous business activities, new women and fast hobbies. My mind was agitated, my relationships were toxic, my body was shattered and my spirit almost extinguished, I knew I could not continue like this.

In my despair, surrounded by the toxic relationships, at what you might call my rock bottom, I met my teacher who immediately touched me deeply and he had my total attention. Something was switching inside me, so I committed fully, I listened closely to his instruction, I applied the teachings and I practiced daily. The promise of transformation was not an easy path, but it was exactly as he described. Within weeks my mind began to settle, within months my erratic and ill disciplined energies were coming under control. Within a year my body was 100% more flexible, I was a happy vegetarian and I was 17kg lighter. After 3 years I can only describe what happened as truly miraculous, I was off the hamster wheel, able for the first time in my life at 50 to touch my toes and I was finally working on my true purpose of helping others. After 3+ years I do not recognise myself when I look in the mirror, my relationships are amazing, I am the fittest I have ever been, I enjoy practising daily and I study like a gifted child. 

Meditate Live with Greg this Monday

Some of the Benefits of Meditation 


  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Clear tension in your body 
  • Quieten your mind
  • Remove your mental agitation
  • Discover your inner contentment 
  • Connect with your purpose
  • Cristilise your intention
  • Learn deep relaxation
  • Increase your self-esteem
  • Develop inner confidence 
  • Create sublime states 
  • Turning your searchlights within
  • Increase your general well-being


Monday Meditation is suitable for all levels, including total beginners. You will be given an introduction to meditation video to watch before the live session. 
Experienced Meditators will also find a completely new depth of practice and knowledge when working with Greg. 


This weekly Meditation is not just a recorded practice but done live with you and other members all over the world. Greg is personally there for you every week, offering insights and answering your questions. 


As a student of The Quantum Questions, you can join us anytime for one of our free weekly sessions or course tasters, or get in touch if you need any additional support. 


The method and technique that you will learn in this meditation group can be used in your daily practice to improve the quality of your life. Meditation improves all areas of your life through consistent practice.

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