Meditate with The Quantum Questions 

Eliminate stress & live more balanced life. Explore the spiritual essence of meditation. 

Free Monday Meditation 

weekly group meditation session provided by The Quantum Questions for your ongoing change and transformation.

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Meditation Training Course

A step-by-step system for getting real, long-lasting results with meditation – so you can experience the life-changing power of meditation, when practiced properly!

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Free Intro Class for the Meditation Training Course

Join us for one hour to discover more about The Meditation Course! 




Meditation helps you to learn faster, increase focus in all actions, and become more productive & efficient in every area of life. 
Through practice we increase self-awareness on the physical body, thoughts, and emotions. We become more aware of the sources of stress, and learn how to eliminate them and restore balance – mentally, emotionally, and even physically.
Meditation will help you to connect to the deepest center of your being, and find the answers to existential questions. Perseverant practice leads to the experience of states of cosmic consciousness (Samadhi) and the revelation of who you truly are.

Meditation Training Course

This is systematic training for real results. 

This course goes deeper than what you will find in most apps and guided meditations.

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 Free Online Meditation Monday

An online FREE Meditation session



This is a weekly group meditation session provided by The Quantum Questions for your ongoing change and transformation.

A great place to start your journey of overcoming mental noise, inner agitation, and irritation

The next step to get beyond automated emotions like sadness, anger, fear & guilt, which seem to constantly repeat in our lives.

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Our Student Feedback...

"Greg’s mediation sessions have transformed my meditation practice. Greg inspires me to explore, enjoy and integrate meditation into my daily life. I am forever grateful to for his support and guidance."

Jo Barrow

Yoga Teacher

"Working with Greg has helped me to learn how to continually focus on the positive and on where I am heading /choosing to head in my life. I have been able to make mental shifts more consistently away from the negative past and to stay present. My increased self-awareness from this work has enabled me to create a better relationship with myself and others. I keep a special coin as a daily reminder that all is well"

Aida Curak

Executive Manager