Thriving in the Time of Crisis

5 pm - 7 pm GMT with Advaitananda Stoian Hosted by The Quantum Questions

Advaitananda is the senior director of the Atman Federation. His background is in quantum physics, but for the past 30 years he has also been teaching meditation and yoga. He is the author of the 3 year Meditation course.

Today most of us acknowledge crisis as a threat that justifies a defensive attitude. It seems normal to try to survive through a crisis, to simply pass the time as well as possible until all is back to normal. Is this the best we can do?

Can we do better than just surviving?

In this seminar the answer to this question will be revealed, together with:
- A new way of looking upon crisis - to look the “storm in the eye”.
- How to find ways to transform difficulties into supportive opportunities.
- Guidelines to successfully transition to a thriving future.

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