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Overcome Stress and Anxiety. Create a More Tranquil Life.

Slow Down and then Remove the Negative Narrative.


Mindfulness is about training the mind to pay better attention to the present moment, without reacting emotionally to it. We provide access to the TOOLS you need to cultivate new and different views, perspectives, and insights to transform your life.

“Two men looked out from prison bars, One saw the mud, the other saw stars.”~ Dale Carnegie

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We are delighted to bring to you our FREE Stressmastery workshop with Greg!

Greg is a father, partner, mentor, and coach at The Quantum Questions. He helps people like you overcome stress and anxiety and live more full and tranquil lives.

This totally FREE Workshop offers insights and new perspectives on stress and anxiety.

Have you ever questioned stress?

Is stress impacting your health?

Do you suffer from anxiety or constant worry?

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

You will need to download a free Zoom account and will have access to the Zoom link after registration. Joining this session is totally FREE.

 Change your whole day.

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Hi, I’m Greg,

a coach, father, public speaker, and mentor. I spent over 25 years as an entrepreneur in business and finance and as an established Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

‚ÄčI’m passionate about mental health and inner transformation. My intention is to share my knowledge and inspire others to make positive changes. That’s why I’d love to invite you to my free online workshop.

Just like conquering Mount Everest, I recognise that the climb ahead, on everybody's life path, is very steep at times and full of challenges. Regardless of the path of personal growth chosen, rather than just scratching the surface, I advocate understanding real success, measuring progress, staying focused, and digging deeper.

By the end of this session, you’ll have discovered why we often feel so stressed and anxious, and be introduced to the tools you need to begin transforming stress. 

I encourage each of you to master the skills that will have the biggest impact and create changes in your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

More About Greg

Do You Know The Real Impact of Stress? 

"Personally, I was totally stressed out, chasing the dream, sprinting on the golden hamster wheel heading to either prison, a personal and marital breakdown, illness, and an early grave." 

We can learn to deal with stress, worry, and fear, and then enjoy a lifetime of good health. There are now so many cases that demonstrate when you cure the mind, you often cure the body.

Download the full Document for a new perspective and valuable insights...

Stress, Worry & Fear Mastery - A New Perspective


By Greg Garrett 

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"Without a doubt, the best trainer and the most useful training being delivered anywhere in the UK"

Keith Hulme

"I feel so calm, relaxed, comfortable, and making it easy on myself. I am giving myself time and space to appreciate the amazing transformation that is happening. Absolutely Amazing!"

Liz Nicholson

"Working with Greg has helped me to learn how to continually focus on the positive and on where I am heading /choosing to head in my life. I have been able to make mental shifts more consistently away from the negative past and to stay present. My increased self-awareness from this work has enabled me to create a better relationship with myself and others. I keep a special coin as a daily reminder that all is well"

Aida Curak

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