Life is Continuous

lucy's blog Jul 25, 2023

A week or two ago, Greg said these words to me “life is continuous”.  Obviously, this was not some amazing revelation as I believe this to the core, but the simplicity of those 3 words felt like an anchor, a force idea, an impulse of profound truth I can easily remember and fasten myself to as inspiration to never give up, to never stop on this complex, convoluted road of the revelation of our true Selves.

I believe we are eternal souls inhabiting fleeting physical bodies.  When we die, we give up the body, but according to enlightened yogic masters and early Christian leaders, the place we evolve to in one life is the place we begin our next life. 

So, when is the time to transform?  When is the best time to make the efforts?  The answer is always NOW.

I am now in my 50’s and I do understand the feeling to start winding down in life, maybe semi-retiring, giving up a bit on dreams and hopes we had in the past. 

I have seen this in so many ways in people who hit middle age.

In terms of love making, an erotic life, this is very prevalent in my age group.  I know numerous people personally – dear friends, clients, course participants, who have completely given up now and just assume there is no need, no desire to make love again now they have reached a certain age. 

But it is not just in this area.  People are “settling” for unhappy relationships, “settling” for work they dislike. 

People are also settling for labels they attach to themselves

“I am an anxious person”. 

“I am pissed off with life – always have been, always will be”.

“I am an alcoholic”

“I am a loser”

The list is endless. 

But if we looked at the possibility that life will just continue after our death with all the unresolved issues coming back in a loop until we learn the lesson, then wouldn’t it be amazing to start stepping off these cycles, these hamster wheels onto a faster path? 

Even if you do not believe in the cycles of life after death, wouldn’t it be worth uplifting, truly treasuring and exploring our time in this body, in this time of the earth to the maximum?

One of the ways to revive a curiosity to continue to grow, to explore, to treasure each moment of life is to do things which remind us of our soul.

Most people have had moments in life when they have felt “complete”, serene, joyful, uplifted, and expanded beyond their individual boundaries. These are indicators of times we were in touch with our souls.  These are clues to arouse our spirit to keep making the efforts.  These moments can be consciously regained, can be consciously extended so that these fleeting feelings of unity, gorgeous happiness, and unconditional love are less elusive and more revealed.

Divine glimpses feed us on this path and the more we can remind ourselves of them the more we can gain the energies needed to make the powerful efforts to cut through our fog of subconscious patterns.

If we can bring ourselves back to these uplifting feelings, these states of happiness, it can give us the courage to dare to face and overcome some repetitive cycles we believe we are trapped in.

At The Quantum Questions, we are aiming to wake up curiosity in people to remember these soul connection moments and to give some tools to dig into that and uncover bit by bit that eternal Self in all of us that is the source of such bliss.

 In ancient Tantric texts, it is said to be considered a great privilege to inhabit a physical body as we have the possibility to evolve very fast.   It is said that in the realm of the Gods, the only way is upwards, but in the realm of the physical body, the earth, we have a continuous choice – up or down.  It is the element of choice which can give us such rapid evolution upward if that is the direction we choose.  Whether you consider this story or reality is not important.  The concept is valid either way - to treasure, value and make the most we can from this intense, condensed experience of life as a human being.

Action plan: I would love to encourage you to do 2 things:

  1. Take time in silence every day, maybe just a few minutes, to reflect on when in your life you have felt joy. Reconnect to that feeling which is a golden thread to your soul. 
  2.  Choose to do an action today, small or large, to aim to awaken, to reveal, that part of you that is beautiful, that is a source of all that is good, joyful, meaningful.

This could be:

  • A spiritual practice such as prayer, conscious breathwork, yoga, going to your place of worship with a passion and open heart to connect to all that is good in the teachings of your faith.You could even simply do 10 minutes of consciously relaxing each muscle in your body one by one to reach a profound state of relaxation so that you can move from contraction to expansion.
  • Your action could also be making a meaningful change in your life – even if seemingly tiny. What can you give?

You are disillusioned at work.  Who do you work with that you could say something heartful to?  Work is always connected to other human beings, even if we think we work alone on a computer.   How can you connect to the humanity of your work?  A thank you?  An act of support?

You are hurt in your romantic relationship.  What can you give to make that person happy, despite your feelings of hurt?  Maybe they just need an hour of space when they come home after work.  Or is there an apology you need to make?

You make a family meal and then no one wants to talk.  A mum, who was so fed up with cooking a meal and then no one talking at the dinner table, told me she just stood on the kitchen table and sang a song.  That created a hiatus, a pattern break, and the family came together that night with a laugh.

I love things like this as they create shifts, they nudge us out of these endless negative loops into new possibilities.  They may seem small, but they give us an impetus to step forwards and this has ripples beyond the apparent insignificance.  If the action has the intention of goodness, then the effects will step us forward on our path. 

There are many choices small or large we can choose to make.  It is good to start small and build up to the larger choices.  But start the wheel of efforts, actions and aiming for joyful goals.

If life is a path of eternity, then now is the moment to make efforts to progress. 

Maybe today is a day you will step towards joy.   

With love from Lucy, a fellow traveller on the path of life

“Don’t depend on death to liberate you from your imperfections.  You are exactly the same after death as you were before.  Nothing changes; you only give up the body.  If you are a thief or a liar or a cheater before death, you don’t become an angel merely by dying.  If such were possible, then let us all go and jump in the ocean now and become angels at once!  Whatever you have made of yourself thus far, so will you be hereafter.  And when you reincarnate, you will bring that same nature with you.  To change, you have to make the effort.  This world is the place to do it.” Paramahansa Yogananda

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