About The Team

Thousands of people around the world are connecting whilst empowering themselves to make real changes in their lives. Our mission is to awaken your spiritual curiosity and transform your daily life.

What does The Quantum Questions offer? 


The Quantum Questions was established in 2020 by co-founders Lucy Pattinson, Greg Garrett and Sam Pilbeam. Inspired by their shared commitment to the transformation of individuals, relationships, communities, and the planet.

We offer a variety of services and products including courses, eventsretreats, videos, and regular podcasts.

We see the agitated mind as one of the biggest challenges facing humanity today and we welcome everyone to join our free weekly meditation and relaxation sessions online. 

We recognise that the climb ahead, on everybody's life path, is very steep at times and full of challenges. Regardless of the path of personal growth chosen, rather than just scratching the surface, we advocate understanding real success, measuring progress, staying focused, digging deeper, and making super efforts to keep ascending.

Lucy Pattinson 


"I have been on a lifetime’s journey of discovery and profound searchings."


Co-founder of The Quantum Questions and fully certified breath coach.

Lucy is a long-standing member of the International Breathwork Foundation and the British Rebirth Society. She trained in 1992 as a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner in Connecticut, USA.  It was the highest level of training in the world at the time.

In more recent years Lucy has trained with Advaitananda Stoian, a high level spiritual practitioner and quantum physicist. The Quantum Questions team are authorised and trained to share some of these profound teachings in their courses.

Lucy co-leads The Who Am I? Series, How to Live a Good Life, and The Breath of Life

Lucy does in-depth daily personal spiritual practices and aims for continuous transformation, both teaching and learning from those she teaches.

Breathwork with Lucy Pattinson: Conscious Connected Breathwork

Free Relaxation with Lucy

Greg Garrett


"My mind was agitated, my relationships were toxic, my body was shattered and my spirit almost extinguished, I knew I could not continue like this."


"After years of studying personal development with different spiritual teachers, which only perpetuated life on the financial treadmill to pay for staff, mortgages, school fees, holidays, fancy cars and their courses, I was worn out.

I was constantly seeking external motivation, a new earthly spark, more adventurous business activities, new women and fast hobbies. My mind was agitated, my relationships were toxic, my body was shattered and my spirit almost extinguished, I knew I could not continue like this.

In my despair, surrounded by the toxic relationships, at what you might call my rock bottom, I met my teacher who immediately touched me deeply and he had my total attention. Something was switching inside me, so I committed fully, I listened closely to his instruction, I applied the teachings and I practiced daily. The promise of transformation was not an easy path, but it was exactly as he described. Within weeks my mind began to settle, within months my erratic and ill-disciplined energies were coming under control. Within a year my body was 100% more flexible, I was a happy vegetarian and I was 17kg lighter. After 3 years I can only describe what happened as truly miraculous, I was off the hamster wheel, able for the first time in my life at 50 to touch my toes and I was finally working on my true purpose of helping others. After 3+ years I do not recognise myself when I look in the mirror, my relationships are amazing, I am the fittest I have ever been, I enjoy practicing for longer daily and I study like a gifted child."

Greg co-leads The Who Am I? Series and How to Live a Good Life.

Free Meditation with Greg

Sam Pilbeam 


"I have been a ‘seeker’ all my life"


"I was introduced to meditation at aged 5 by my parents. I then went on to learn Transcendental Meditation or TM as it’s more commonly know, at age 14.  It was a very useful tool for me, especially in times of stress or depletion.   My interest in the universe, spirituality and vibrational medicine was fueled by my parents who were way ahead of the times back then. Discussing and measuring energy fields, homeopathy, and the vibrational universe were common topics of discussion in my family. 

I have always loved personal development, learning about myself and others and how to improve and heal oneself at the same time.  When you change yourself the world around you changes.  I've gained invaluable knowledge, made great friends, manifested my heart's desires and taken control of my health through various courses, including Tony Robbins Mastery University, Tony Robbins' Law of Attraction Seminar, over 10 years of experience in Conscious Breathwork. I am a qualified NLP Practitioner and qualified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner, Scenar Practitioner, Low-Level Laser Practitioner and Healing Codes Practitioner.

 I am a fully qualified Breathwork Facilitator and have trained with Sondra Ray in Liberation Breathing and Nathalia Westmacott-Brown at First Breath. I have run monthly breathwork groups and I now focus on 1-1 Rebirthing client in person and on zoom and also co-teach The Breath of Life course with Lucy Pattinson.

I look forward to meeting you and supporting you in your transformation."

In more recent years Sam has also trained with Advaitananda Stoian.

Sam co-leads The Breath of Life.

Deep Enquiry 

Meet our co-founder, Lucy Pattinson, introducing you to some of our resource team here at The Quantum Questions and The Who am I? Series. 


Resource Team 

We often call upon specialists to contribute their knowledge and enrich the courses that we offer. 

Nick Owen

Retired Director of the Oxford School of Psychotherapy. Teacher at

Catherine Dunworth

Teacher of esoteric Tantra & Yoga.

Advaitananda Stoian

Educated scientist who worked in the Academy of Science, but also an advanced spiritual practitioner who has been teaching and practicing Yoga and Meditation for the last thirty years.