The Quantum Courses 

Expand your awareness and nurture your inner contentment 

The Breath of Life 

Expanding your consciousness and creating harmony, peace, and contentment.

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How to Live a Good Life

Question your morals, expand your awareness, and shift your perspectives.

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The Who Am I? Series

Question all areas of your life and begin to see your existence with eyes of wonder.

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This is one of the most profound questions that can be asked.  It is a question we ask at all levels of existence.


Questions are powerful pivots of transformation. Many of these questions create layer upon layer of further questions.

The Who Am I? Series?

Explore this extraordinary question with a closed group.

We will question all areas of our life and begin to see our existence with the eyes of wonder. 

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 How to Live a Good Life

An online course in 12 lessons

 Deep Dive Into Essential Life Lessons

This is for individuals with collapsed foundations or who wish to strengthen their foundations - this course underpins and strengthens a human being's life. 

 These profound lessons can make harmonious alterations to your life's journey.

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Our Student Feedback...

"Lucy is a caring and gifted guide in this most vulnerable and profound of experiences. Very much worth the investment to release long-held beliefs in a way talking therapy can't reach."

Eleanor Forder

Yoga Teacher

"Working with Greg has helped me to learn how to continually focus on the positive and on where I am heading /choosing to head in my life. I have been able to make mental shifts more consistently away from the negative past and to stay present. My increased self-awareness from this work has enabled me to create a better relationship with myself and others. I keep a special coin as a daily reminder that all is well"

Aida Curak

Executive Manager