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Upcoming Events

Do you feel weighed down by the daily grind?


Have you lost your enthusiasm and passion for life?


Have you been questioning who you really are? Who are you?


Would you like to live every day with the curiosity and energy of a child?


Would you like to be on a path of self-discovery and know that your life aligns with your deep inner soul?

"Hi, I'm Lucy, one of the co-founders of TQQ. 

For many years I struggled with the question, 'What is the point of all this (life)?!' And it was hard to find an answer.  After following many roads to dead ends and meeting so many others who shared this feeling, I finally started to find answers. Now I have total clarity, daily happiness, love and a sense of wonder in life.

Our incredible team of high-level practitioners can save you time and struggles, with profound guidance and life-transforming tools.

Our mission is to awaken your curiosity for life, your curiosity to discover your true self. We empower people to make real transformations in their lives, step off the hamster wheel and discover tools for true happiness and peace of mind.

Our courses train in-depth spiritual practices such as breathwork, meditation, profound relaxation and deep enquiry. Begin your personal transformation today."

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"The Discovery Call was focused on me and what I really wanted. It helped so much speaking to someone who really listened & understood me for a change. Thank you for your guidance" ~ Lizanne (Copenhagen) 

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"If you are interested in learning new things about yourself and about others, then I would certainly recommend The Quantum Questions. What I have discovered is a group of people who are interested in uncovering new paths to freedom, joy and contentment for us all. There is a beautiful authenticity and humility to their approach, and you can intuitively tell that they are being guided by something that is both external and internal, and it is something powerful and beautiful. I believe that they have a heartfelt desire to move others along with them. You will find learning, guidance, challenge and laughter and you will meet some lovely new human beings on the way. The Quantum Questions are good people, you can jump in with them in trust.” 

Tom Hawkins

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"The Quantum Questions How to live a Good Life course for me was absolutely transformational. As a man in his 50’s, I wasn’t in a happy place. I was just existing. I wasn’t really living. And then I met Greg, Sam and Lucy from The Quantum Questions who, together with my wife, encouraged me to do this course and I am so glad I did. I got so much out of it. I feel like I am absolutely flying now, full of ideas and enthusiasm and basically I have got back my love for life again and I feel like I am on the true life path I am meant to be on, so I am full of gratitude and I feel really enthusiastic about the future” 

David Bowns (Groundsman, Cumbria)

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Slow Down and then Remove your Negative Narrative

Overcome your Stress and Anxiety. Create a More Tranquil Life.

Mindfulness is about training the mind to pay better attention to the present moment, without reacting emotionally to it. We provide access to the TOOLS you need to cultivate new and different views, perspectives, and insights to transform your life.

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