The Quantum Questions


Awaken Your Spiritual Curiosity and Transform Your Daily Life

Meditation. Breathwork. Personal Enquiry. 


From The Depths of Despair To The Cusp of Enlightenment Questions of Our Existence Appear.

Who Am I? What is a soul? What is time? Am I really here?

Join us in Exploring these Extraordinary Questions.

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The Quantum Courses 

Expanding your awareness and Nurturing your Inner Contentment

The Breath of Life 

A 21-week online course led by Lucy Pattinson and Sam Pilbeam.

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The Who Am I? Series

A series of modules with a closed group

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How to Live a Good Life

An online course in 12 lessons

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The conscious control of the Breath opens up pathways to your subconscious, access to feelings of spiritual bliss. It can be used to relaxenergise, and balance.

Learn to breathe in a conscious connected way with one of the most active breath workers in the UK - Sam Pilbeam. 

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Slow Down and then Remove your Negative Narrative


Overcome your Stress and Anxiety. Create a More Tranquil Life.

Mindfulness is about training the mind to pay better attention to the present moment, without reacting emotionally to it. We provide access to the TOOLS you need to cultivate new and different views, perspectives, and insights to transform your life.

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