Can we be spiritual in “normal” life?

Do we have to give up “normal” life to pursue a spiritual path or is there a way to live life with all its trials, tribulations, ups and downs and simultaneously progress on the spiritual path? 

Are you feeling trapped in work you don’t like, in relationships you don’t like, trapped by the intensity of bringing up children?

The first thing I would say is to let go of the need to escape from reality moments at a time. 

This attempt to escape takes us out of the present moment. Yet the present is the place not only to truly resolve our life’s issues, but also the present is the place of our true Divine self, the seat of true joy and profound peace. The spiritual life is in the present.

Feel into relaxing and surrendering to the present – little steps by little steps. This is slow and requires perseverance.  How many years have you been trying to escape? You have been perseverant at that!

A way to relax that is accessible to all, if only for a few minutes at a time, is to come into the present moment through the awareness of the senses. What are you seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching. Bring awareness of the breath.

What is the value of this?

To bring us in the here and now, in our actual reality.

What can I feel in my present life? Maybe you smell the perfume you love that your wife wears that you became insensitive to. Maybe you hear the giggles of your child. The taste of the morning air. The touch of your dog sniffing your hand. The sight of your beautiful eyes in the mirror.

Glimmers of the present, which is hard for all to maintain, bring reminders of a true spiritual life. What is the magic of the world around you? 

In the present, your huge challenges will gain some new perspective. Your monsters will also be immersed with light, with joy. 

This intention to stay in the moment, for as long or as short as we can, is bringing your life into a spiritual centre.

It is the seeming endless repetition of the “normality” of our lives that we feel dragged down by, rather than feeling, seeing the newness of every moment.

Repetition is not glamorous, it’s not initially exciting. We sometimes want the glamour of spiritual specialness – the glamour of novelty, of variety.

Actually, seeing the newness in each repetition is the key to a spiritual life. Spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga postures and so on can only progress by constant practice, constant repetition, with the recognition that actually each time is not a carbon copy – it is always different.

Slowly, slowly veils drop, and life begins to brighten, to clarify, to expand.

You don’t need to do practices such as these for this to happen (though it is faster, if you do). You can also bring attention to the seeming repetition of your daily “grind”, bringing awareness to the mundane, daily actions, daily thoughts.

Be kind, be patient. 

What are the minutiae of variety? You walk the dog everyday but what are the changes in the trees, what new faces do you see, lift you head up and see the sky, turn your phone off, connect with your dog. Every walk, even if the same route, can feel totally new, totally fresh each time.

A spiritual life is one of constant wonder, constant amazement.

You may feel the children are relentless. I have been there!! Yet if you spend 15 mins a day with each of your children alone while being 100% attentive to that child you will be amazed at the beauty of this. Who is this extraordinary being?

The repetition of work – working with the same “uninteresting” work colleagues.  Look at your work colleagues with new eyes? What a miracle of creation each and every human being is. What can you learn from your work colleagues? What can you give to them? How can you bring freshness to your work?

Is your lovemaking boring? How can you approach this with freshness, with wonder, with newness? 

What does “normal” life even mean? There is nothing truly normal about normal life. All life is moving atoms – we are constantly changing, updating on every level, quantum physics correlates with spirituality on the extraordinary in the ordinary.

We just need to remember in the midst of our troubles, our routines, our pleasures, what amazing, mysterious Divine beings we are. This will give us energy, optimism to see our life with fresh eyes, to resolve problems with fresh enthusiasm, to redirect our life towards the alignment of our soul.

Lucy Pattinson
Co-Founder of The Quantum Questions and Breath Coach


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