Like The Seasons

Welcome to Mind Focused Monday, where I support you in remembering the POWER of a TRULY FOCUSED MIND. 

This week, let me support you in realising that all you are is changing anyway. Let me help you give up your resistance to change because like I say, all you are is changing anyway, moment to moment. 

As further support and for a little fun, again this week, I will emphasize the keywords of guidance, all you are is changing, as words for you to use either out loud or in your mind’s eye, as a guide, a reminder or a mantra in the week ahead.

Ponder this deeply, all you are is changing anyway, moment to moment…

So with matters of the mind, resistance is futile. That’s right, resistance in the form of pushing, fighting or struggling against it, is futile. Give up the battle with the mind. Give up the battle with the resistance of the mind, and instead make peace with this beautiful instrument by letting go of resistance and relaxing into your heart. 

Easier said than done right? So here are 3 changes to get you started……...1) Look for solutions in all areas of your life, 2) Be optimistic and 3) Go with the flow. These 3 changes commonly call for a seismic shift of attitude and will allow you to much more easily flow with life's natural current. 

Too often we are not seeing this natural beauty, this ever present beauty of constant transformation, which is also you and me transforming….

Consider how your eyes are changing, your ears are changing, your skin is changing and your blood is changing. And now look at the seasons. Look at how the seasons naturally and rhythmically change in their own flowing way, winter, spring, summer and fall. And as we see the elegance of the seasons, we can reflect upon how elegant or not  we are with the changes in our own lives. Let’s shine a light on our lack of awareness and admit how all too often we are not aligned with and not accepting, the natural, rhythmic, transforming beauty, just like the wisdom of the changing seasons. 

A new beginning is right now, you can start again, you can step into life's flow by quieting any agitation from the mind and then turning back into your natural rhythms. Often forgotten natural rhythms can include relaxation, optimism, and creativity.

So now when faced with situations, how easily will you access your natural rhythms like relaxation, optimism, and creativity? Whilst continuing to go with the flow. And when you do this in turn, everything in your life improves. You will feel more invigorated with greater levels of life force energy, and happiness.

Have an amazing week, quieting the mind, tuning into your natural flow while All You Are Is Changing and I’ll look forward to speaking with you again soon.

While everything is changing anyway, why not take action and make a conscious change right now yourself. Hear this message and take action by emptying your mind and consciously connecting to the rhythm of your natural inner resources. Treat yourself and go with the flow. Why wait? You know you deserve it. Yes, you know that you deserve it. Your true self awakening, that is, your true self that is really you.

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