What Do You Really Want?

To reach the mental highs we often have to explore and then contrast the mental lows. So from the mind's valleys to the mind’s peaks we will support you every step of the way, until you conquer your biggest mental challenges, your personal mount Everest.

Everyday we face opportunities and challenges than when fully explored, we believe no matter how painful they call us to grow as human beings. In our minds' eyes and through our perception we like to see this as climbing up what appears to be our own inner mount Everest.

Rise up with us, awaken from your slumber and conquer the biggest challenge life has set you, the inner workings of your mind, the challenge which is your own mind, your very own mount Everest

Take a long deep loving breath in and exhale everything that doesn’t support you or serve you.

In totally supporting everyone’s quest towards understanding the mind as an incredible  instrument and achieving your goals/outcomes, this week ask yourself the question, what do I really want? In fact during the week ahead ask yourself this question over & over, what do I really want? Use this power question either out loud or in your mind's eye, as a guide, a reminder or a mantra, while gaining clarity in the week ahead. 

Let’s dive into the important theme of setting Outcomes/Goals and I will supplement this by sharing a client interaction I had which clearly demonstrates again that in order to have the mind of your dreams it’s vitally important to know where you are actually heading.

Let’s cut into the client interview where she is discussing her deep frustration.

Client, “I’m really frustrated and I get frustrated at other people when things go really slowly.”

My Questions – What do you want? What do you really want?

Like a lot of people she didn’t know what she wanted, she didn’t have a clue.

My Next Questions – Have you set any goals? 

Do you have any real sense of direction, or where are you heading? 

Again like a lot of people she didn’t have a clue where she was heading and I know very well that she is not alone.

* People caught in this paradigm are like boats without a rudder, bobbing along aimlessly at the mercy of the wind!

* It’s also like taking off in a plane without a navigation system and just flying blind until you are somewhere, anywhere, nowhere!!

The Benefits Of Knowing Her Outcome:

The Outcome is very often the opposite of the mind on autopilot projecting. In this instance the client you may remember was experiencing FRUSTRATION at least at the level of the mind. The opposite for her we discovered after some enquiry was PEACE, which initially will arise from within the heart.

Now she appreciated she could start to take responsibility because she knew where she was heading.

She realised she could choose to stop blaming others for her frustration because she has a destination called PEACE and is now Master of her ship.

The Future:

I enquired as to how a future in which she had goals that she took responsibility for and approached them peacefully would be?

She became very emotional at this profound personal realisation of combining.

+ Goals

+ Responsibility

+ Peaceful approach.

The Payoff: 

Just as a starter, how much extra energy do you think you get when you part company with an old friend called frustration and say hello to a new state of peacefulness?

For Closure:

Have an amazing week and remember that for those of you ready for change, commit to a responsible life which is peaceful and take action by setting clear outcomes/goals now by asking, what do I really want?

This really is about setting your course, deeply intending your life, with goals, outcomes and aspirational effort, moment to moment, one breath at a time. So start observing the power of knowing where you're going, start setting goals & outcomes,  while residing in peace & love! 

For anyone inspired to start taking steps daily towards the new you, you may want to consider taking on your biggest challenges now, your Everest and at The Quantum Questions we are here to guide you. 

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