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This is an online course with 28 live sessions.

Led by Lucy Pattinson and Sam Pilbeam who have between them over 40 years as breath practitioners.

The author of this course, Advaitananda Stoian, has been a teacher of yoga, pranayama and meditation for over 3 decades.


What will you learn?

At the core of the course is breathwork and pranayama with teachings on the background and value of each breath.

There will also be training in energetics, physiology, and postures.

However, this is a course beyond simply breathwork. Breathwork is not meant to be related to the breath only.

Breathwork always begins with a breathing experience, but you will quickly move the experience from breathing to feeling the energy, the prana.

During this course, you will learn ways to build up the control of your inner being, through understanding and controlling this energy. In this way, you can move beyond a life largely led by your subconscious, and all the chaos that comes with that lack of consciousness.

The course is built in such a manner that it grows in complexity gradually and safely.

You will be amazed by the tools you will acquire from this course to enhance the quality of your life.

Is this course for you? 

The Breath of Life is for all levels from complete beginners to experienced breathworkers. You will get to know the methods and the way they work for future development.

This course can count towards learning hours for those training to become breathworkers.

  • It will give powerful add-on skills to those already qualified.
  • It will move people at all levels forwards emotionally, physically, and spiritually towards a happier and more fulfilling life.¬†

Each session of 2 hours and 15 Minutes will be a mixture of theory and practice.

This training can count towards learning hours for those training to become breathworkers.

A certificate of Breathwork Training hours will be given on completion.



"Since doing The breath of life course I have been able to turn to the breath which helps me to diminish mind chatter. I definitely experienced more energy in my body and life.

I loved and looked forward to every Tuesday, I never got bored of this course, the information, the learnings and practice." 

Agnes Domanska



"Emotionally I have been able to release buried anger, deep-rooted emotion and feel in a ‘bubble of spiritual bliss’ the majority of the time now. My family have noticed a difference."

Jennifer Bowns 


"The Breath of Life course improved my response to work-life stressors. My sleep improved, particularly when having difficulty falling asleep or after waking in the night. It also improved my management of menopausal symptoms. Observing hot flushes and breathing into them has reduced my emotional reaction to them. Result - not so bothered"

Jane Piper

Your Breath of Life Teachers

Lucy Pattinson 

Lucy is a long-standing member of the International Breathwork Foundation and the British Rebirth Society.

She trained in 1992 as a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner in Connecticut, USA. 

It was the highest level of training in the world at the time.Beginning in 2008, Lucy did an advanced Liberation Breathing Practitioner training with Sondra Ray, which was a ten-year process, becoming certified in 2018. 

There are currently less than 10 Liberation Breathing Practitioners in the world.

Lucy has given breathwork sessions to hundreds of people over the years in private sessions and groups. She is passionate about seeing so many transformations in people’s lives through the power of the conscious breath.

Sam Pilbeam

Co-founder of The Quantum Questions

Sam has over 10 years of experience in Conscious Breathwork.

Beginning her breathwork journey in 2009 when she joined her first group ‚ÄėBreathing Circle‚Äô in Leamington Spa.

She then went on to train with Nathalia Westmacott-Brown and Sondra Ray and travelled to many ancient spiritual sites to breathe & train including Glastonbury, India & Iceland for wet Rebirthing in the Blue Lagoon.

She has facilitated breathwork groups and runs a private practice for 1-1 sessions both online and in person.

She is a fully qualified practitioner member of the British Rebirth Society.

Advaitananda Stoian

Advaitananda Stoian is the principal teacher and founder of the Institute for Quantum Transformation.
A scientist, author, scholar, and teacher of yoga, pranayama and meditation for almost three decades, he is a pioneer in combining the findings of modern science with ancient techniques for tapping into and mastering the full potential of the brain and consciousness.

He is the author of a 3 year meditation course taught to thousands all around the world.
He currently leads high-performance programmes for executives, leaders, and visionaries who aim for 360-degree success, including positively impacting society on a profound level.

Advaitananda’s story is intricate and nuanced, filled with a lifetime of intense academic and scientific study, daily spiritual practice and self-enquiry.

Arguably his greatest contribution to the world today is in his skilful bridging of current scientific discoveries with esoteric technology, giving practical solutions for the modern-day person. At a time of shifting global consciousness, Advaitananda’s contribution to global and personal evolution is invaluable.


  • 28 live sessions with a closed group (2 hours and 15 minutes each) - over 60 hours of live training throughout the course! 
  • Full access to the members' area - you can re-watch presentations and leave comments for discussion with other members and course leaders. 
  • Recorded Course Practice - material for you to download and use to support you during the course and afterwards. 
  • Mobile access - You can also download the app which will allow you to access all your course content easily on a mobile device. 
  • Support - You can reach out to the team at any point during the course for support, clarification, or inspiration.
  • Connect with other participants -  become part of the community!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does it cost?

We try to keep the cost as low as possible to keep them financially accessible to everyone. We can also offer payment plans.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can when the early bird price is available. You must be fully paid before the course begins so those who join close to the start date may not be able to pay in instalments. 

What if I miss a live session?

All presentations are recorded so you can catch up if you miss a session. Due to preserving people’s privacy, we may not record the whole session. We do advise setting your intention and clearing your diary prior to attending the course so you attend all sessions. However, life can often throw us a curveball so missing a session becomes inevitable. Due to practical elements in the course we do not advise missing more than one.

Where can I access course information and dates?

Before you join you can find this information on our website. Once you have joined a course you will be able to log into the members' area and here you can view course dates and course material. 
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