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Is it time to find some tools to help?

Through the correct use of the breath, we can alleviate many mental, emotional and physical ailments.  The breath can also be used as a vehicle to take you to deep spiritual levels and transform your daily life.

In this 6-week course, Lucy will give you insights, techniques, and helpful guidance to:  

  •  improve your breath in daily life
  • awaken physically
  • calm and clarify yourself mentally and emotionally
  • ignite yourself energetically 
  • become aware of the breath as a powerful tool for spiritual evolution

Each session will include a presentation,  Q&A and a practical breath exercise.  

All the sessions will be recorded and you can relisten on our Kajabi platform or catch up if you miss a session.

Lucy Pattinson has been a fully certified breath practitioner since 1992. Lucy passionately loves sharing, safely and appropriately, some of what she has learnt from her training and her own personal practices.  She will provide support and inspiration to all those who wish to be part of this course. 

"Learn the power of combining conscious awareness, conscious relaxation and conscious breathing to begin to clarify the mind, open the heart and centre your life into peace and joy.”

Lucy Pattinson

Your Teacher

"Lucy is a wonderful teacher, she is extremely knowledgeable but also knows how to hold space beautifully for you and has such a warm and reassuring presence."


Juliette (UK)

Lucy Pattinson 

Lucy is a long-standing member of the International Breathwork Foundation and the British Rebirth Society. She trained in 1992 as a Rebirthing Breathwork Practitioner in Connecticut, USA.  It was the highest level of training in the world at the time.

Beginning in 2008, Lucy did an advanced Liberation Breathing Practitioner training with Sondra Ray, which was a ten-year process, becoming certified in 2018.  There are currently less than 10 Liberation Breathing Practitioners in the world.

Lucy has given breathwork sessions to hundreds of people over the years in private sessions and groups. She is passionate about seeing so many transformations in people’s lives through the power of the conscious breath.

Breathing Matters with Lucy Pattinson

What will you learn?

Session one

Why we can use the breath as a tool of self-awakening?

Session two

The fundamentals of correct breathing for our physical health. 

Session three

The fundamentals of correct breathing for our mental health. 

Session four

Energising the physical body with the breath

Session Five

Calming the mind and emotions with the breath

Session Six

Activating the heart/soul with the breath


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Frequently Asked Questions 

What does it cost?

We try to keep the cost as low as possible to keep them financially accessible to everyone. We can also offer payment plans.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can when the early bird price is available. You must be fully paid before the course begins so those who join close to the start date may not be able to pay in instalments. 

What if I miss a live session?

All presentations are recorded so you can catch up if you miss a session. Due to preserving people’s privacy, we may not record the whole session. We do advise setting your intention and clearing your diary prior to attending the course so you attend all sessions. However, life can often throw us a curveball so missing a session becomes inevitable. Due to practical elements in the course we do not advise missing more than one.

Where can I access course information and dates?

Before you join you can find this information on our website. Once you have joined a course you will be able to log into the members' area and here you can view course dates and course material. 
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