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Good Business Life

Transform your business by transforming yourself 

A Business Road Less Travelled

Training With The Quantum Team To Positively Shift Your Business Perspective


"As an Agile Coach in Capgemini UK, the insights I have learnt from the How to Live a Good Life course has enabled me to transform my behaviours and attitude to all the activities I perform. The benefits and joy I have realised have had a profound and positive influence on myself, my colleagues, and the clients I interact with."

Jo Barrow
Offering a new paradigm to Businesses
  • Building helpful business processes & structures
  • Learning new practices to help increase discipline
  • Finding balance while engaging in business activities
  • Moving beyond selfish motives into gifting, sharing & collaborating
  • Karma Yoga to freely support others' business success
What does The Good Business Life offer Organisations:
  • Positively Shifting Business Perspectives
  • Reconnection
  • Focus Of Attention
  • Understanding Abundance
  • True Leadership
What does The Good Business Life offer delegates:
  • Happier Employees
  • Enhanced Engagement
  • High standards & attention to detail
  • Calmer emotions
  • Team understanding & connection
  • Increased productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Positive work culture
  • Alignment with organisational goals
  • Increased innovation & problem solving
Achieving business success:
  • As you shift your perspective on success your entire life will become successful
  • As you become more optimistic personally, you to become more optimistic about your business
  • As you get more balanced & efficient, your business also gets more balanced & efficient
  • As you transform, your role, your team & the business will also automatically transform
  • This is your responsibility to apply what you are learning, you will only get out what you put in.

The Most Important Business Development You Will Ever Be In Is The Business Development Of You  

Running the business of You!

Developing the business of You!

Transforming the business of You!

Succeeding in the business of You!

One Day Paid Introductory Taster Session (optional)

Full 12 Month Good Business Life Program 

  • 1 day of live in person training monthly. 
  • Private online access to all training material via TQQ platform.
  • Ongoing group support via an agreed platform.

Bespoke training preparation for understanding & delivering to your organisational needs will be cost separately. 

  • One to one support can be provided at an additional cost.
  • Provision of suitable venues to support individual & team learning.

TQQ's travel expenses, overnight accommodation, and disbursements will be in line with the hiring company's corporate policy.

All prices available upon request.

Your Business Mentors

Sam Pilbeam

Director and one of the Co-Founders of The Quantum Questions

Sam is a fully qualified Breathwork Facilitator and has trained at a high level with renowned Breathwork Trainers since 2009.  She has run breathwork groups and currently runs a private practice for Rebirthing clients in person and on zoom.  Sam is a Co-Presenter on The Breath of Life, How to Live a Good Life and also the Who am I? Series. She runs retreats in the U.K and abroad. 

Sam recently completed a 4 year Leadership Training with Advaitananda Stoian and The Institute for Quantum Transformation. This training for leaders gave the skills to share spiritual and development tools to individuals and businesses. 

Lucy Pattinson

Co-founder of The Quantum Questions and facilitator of The Good Business Life

Lucy has been a high level, fully qualified practicing breath coach for the last 30 years, sharing her knowledge and skills in the breath trainings of The Quantum Questions.

As a course leader Lucy trained in 1992 on The International Seminar Leadership programme in CT, USA in 1992.

She recently completed a 4 year leadership training with The Institute of Quantum Transformation.  This training for leaders gave the skills to share spiritual and developmental tools to individuals and to businesses.


Greg Gopal Garrett

Co-founder of The Quantum Questions and facilitator of The Good Business Life

Greg has been a Qualified Trainer of NLP & HNLP for over 20 years. He has also been a certified HNLP coach for many years and has worked within business settings.

He recently completed a 4 year leadership training with The Institute of Quantum Transformation. This training provided new perspectives and skills for creating transformation in the modern workplace.

As an advocate for personal development, Greg encourages each of us to master the skills that will have the biggest impact and create changes in your life, as well as the lives of those around you.

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If you like what you've read so far and would like to know more you can arrange a free, no obligation Discovery Call with Sam.

Sam will happily take the time to understand how we will be able to help your business further. She will discuss your needs, answer your questions and demonstrate how we can start supporting you and your organisation right now.

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What's included?

Organisational training needs analysis to establish your goals.

Bespoke training design using our Good Business Life format.

12 Live in person transformational sessions for your business group. 

Interactive group development discussions between live sessions.

Help & support from your appointed Mentor plus staff.

Access to all recorded sessions via TQQ platform. 

Integration of all lessons via additional education & prompts.

Receive best practice suggestions to deepen understanding and improve results.

Access to 1-2-1 coaching upon request (this is a paid service).

TQQ events priority bookings.

Invitation to TQQ retreats (this will be a paid event).

Having fun whilst focusing & transforming.

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